About Us

Nuna was born during the times of COVID-19, but the wheels were set in motion a little earlier. We're individuals with experience across diverse industries and functions who strongly hold the belief that technology and healthcare, the bits and atoms, when leveraged efficiently together produce better health ecosystems and more importantly, happier and healthier people.

We also can't wait to have more talented crew on board to build this grand vision together. If this excites you, drop us a note: vig [at] holanuna [dot] com

We're headquartered in the amazing city of Barcelona

Our co-ordinates:

Nuna Technology Group S.L
Carrer D'Osona 7 At 2
Barcelona 08023

Why do we exist?

At least 20% of the world's population face challenges in their mental state of well being, but hardly a fraction have affordable & easy access. For those who do, their biggest hurdle is finding the right expert who they can trust to help them feel better.

Public health insurance systems do not cover the full needs of mental healthcare, especially therapy. Most private insurances don't either.

At Nuna, we believe these challenges deserve a solution, a simple and easy one. This is why we exist.