Marcela  Dubar
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Hi there! I am a clinical psychologist, graduated in Buenos Aires. I have vast experience helping young people and adults to overcome situations of anxiety, anguish, low self-esteem, depression, situations of grief and trauma. In the sessions you will have a pleasant and warm listening, and we will work together to strengthen your personal tools to improve your quality of life. Therapy allows us to change what we do not like about ourselves, take control of our emotions and overcome crises. . Book a consultation today, I'm here to help you!

Therapy details and pricing

First session
400 ARS/30 minutes
Base price
1600 ARS/45 minutes
2 sessions - 1550 ARS/45 min
4 sessions - 1500 ARS/45 min

Additional details

Accredited by Ministerio de Salud Argentina

Associations Colegio Psicólogos San Isidro


If you are in a life threatening situation, you should not use us. Please contact the emergency helpline of your country