Juan Carlos Alvarez
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“All our dreams can be achieved if you have the courage to pursue them” Walt Disney, And you? Do You have dreams? The search for dreams has been one of the factors motivating my life. This has led me to travel thousands of kilometers, working in family businesses, starting businesses, working in the public sector and leading transnational corporations at a regional level. I have participated in sports at a competitive level as well as in diverse activities such as cinophilia, I learned to value art and learn about cultures, I love riding a Harley, rocking out at a concert and walking the 18 holes of a golf course, I have had a life full of experience, and I managed to understand that what I enjoyed the most in each stage of my life was connecting with people, sharing their desire to excel and their dreams. I am a Master in Coaching, Emotional Intelligence, Master HHRR,TeamCoach, SportsCoach

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