Elena Blackwood Alonso

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Humanistic, Systemic

English, Spanish

14 years of experience

Madrid, Spain

Introduction: My name is Elena, I believe that the most important relationship we need to build on is the one we have with ourselves, without that, it is difficult to get through life and relate to others. For me, therapy is reconciling with oneself, understanding our past so that we can handle what life throws at us in the present and future. My own experience as an expat, moving and living in different countries has helped me to understand the processes that one goes through when you leave your home country. How hard it is to miss the family and friends, as well as all the cultural difficulties that arise from that culture shock. If we add to that, some unresolved issues from the past then it will all feel really uphill sometimes, thats probably your best moment to seek help and lighten that load you’ve been travelling with. I studied psychology at Exeter University (UK), then moved on to specialise in couples and family therapy as well as children and teenagers, based on family systems theory approach. I believe that what happened in our childhood as well as family dynamics have a lot to do in shaping who we are as adults, so I find that's something interesting to look back on as a way of moving forward. I have also specialized in psychodrama, which is such a good tool to help the expression of the body when words just can’t explain. I have ample experience working in social services in Spain, focused on helping families improve their relationships and minimising the negative impact of family dynamics on children. I currently work with teenagers, young people and adults, in individual, couples and family therapy, with both Spanish and English speakers in Madrid and online worldwide. How about you get started on the new you, break away from old patterns and discover the strengths that lie within you.

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Accredited by COP (Colegio Oficial de Psicología)


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  • Depression
  • Stress
  • Child therapy
  • COVID-19 related changes
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  • Relationship
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