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your emotional wellbeing

Nuna matches you with the expert that is right for you.
Easy and affordable online therapy with certified psychologists, coaches and therapists

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How does it work?

Step #1


Our matching engine will find the right expert for you based on your specific needs

Step #2


Book a single session or a pack of sessions. Schedule and reschedule easily.

Step #3


Share your goals. Chat and speak securely with your expert.

Step #4

Feel better

Stay connected with your expert. Improve your wellbeing.

Frequently asked questions

Who are the experts on Nuna?

Nuna has qualified mental healthcare experts from various different countries, cultures, languages and specializations. This is an important aspect of Nuna as it helps us discover and match the right expert for you

How much does it cost?

The price depends on the expert, the type of therapy and the duration of the therapy. You can always find this information before you interact with the mental healthcare expert.

Nuna is the most affordable way to take online therapy. Most experts offer discounts, up to 40%, when you book a pack of sessions.

What happens after I book my first session?

You are connected through our secure chat which is only between you and the expert. From there, you can send messages, book future appointments and do video calls with the experts. Additionally, you can take down notes from your sessions that are visible only to you.

Can we take therapy as a couple? How does it work?

Yes, Nuna has experts specialised in therapy for couples. The two participants can either be in the same location or different locations - your expert will be able to invite and bring both of you on the same video session, when needed.

I’d like therapy for my child. How does it work?

Nuna has experts (therapists and clinical psychologists) who’re specialised in therapy for children between ages 3-18. You must be a parent or the legal guardian of the child and must accompany the child on the same video session unless and until the expert and you agree and consent to the child continuing therapy individually, in certain cases.

Is Nuna secure?

Yes. Nuna takes privacy and security seriously for both clients and experts. Nuna is also the place where licensed mental healthcare experts run their private practice.

I’m a mental healthcare expert. Can I join Nuna?

We’re continuously adding qualified experts to Nuna. Please refer to to register. Our in-house psychologist team will be in touch with you.

Therapy has never been more affordable

Save up to 40% on packs

What keeps us moving

If you are in a life threatening situation, you should not use us. Please contact the emergency helpline of your country