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Our vision is to make mental healthcare easy and affordable for all. We strive towards this vision by helping you find the right mental healthcare expert and providing the best tools to help you connect with them.

Nuna make their best effort to think about the clients needs and pair you up with the best therapist. It’s being a great experience working with them!

Elena Blackwood Alonso

M-20565 (COP)

Nuna, is a safe space for both the patient and me as a therapist. I can meet my patients quickly and easily My patients have access to my agenda, they book online and they contact me via messaging. It is also a platform that allows me to have access to other people, whom I can also help and thanks to Nuna, they can contact me. Nuna’s team is friendly and very professional. I am sure that they will continue to grow and I am very happy to accompany them from the beginning. Thank you!

Victoria Niven


In my opinion, Nuna is an ideal platform to connect psychologists with users. It allows to have the medical history, evaluation tests and secure video call in the same place. The chat messages are through the platform which allows professionals to separate work from the personal sphere, which is complicated when your mobile phone or computer become work tools. And their security system is much better than the most popular messaging tools. This is a really important aspect for me.

Maria Real Alonso

26165 (COPC)