How does online therapy work? Advantages and disadvantages

Online therapy is a very useful resource that in recent years has been added to the psychological intervention services. New technologies are a reality that are part of our lives. There is no doubt that the internet has delineated a new period in our way of relating, innovating the beginning of online psychology.

This modality is based on the strategies and techniques that we use in traditional therapy, so its efficacy and safety is the same, but it replaces the communication channel. This means that instead of interacting with the therapist in person, all the exchange of information is carried out through the internet, in real time.

It is important to clarify that it has been scientifically proven that psychological treatments carried out through video calls have the same efficacy and clinical validity.

Currently, there are different studies that show the efficacy of online therapy for patients with anxiety, depression, phobias, etc.: Swinson, RP et al. (1995), Alfred Lange et al. (2003), Kessler D. et al (2009) or Gallego, MJ et al (2011). Furthermore, Scientific Societies in Psychology such as the American Psychiatric Association affirm that “online therapy produces equivalent clinical results to those achieved in traditional consultation therapy”. 



Advantages of Online Therapy

In addition to being proven effective, online psychology also has some clear advantages over traditional face-to-face treatment:

  1. This type of professional support makes it possible to attend therapy saving effort and travel, and is also accessible for people who live in remote areas or cannot move much for health reasons.
  2. It preserves even more anonymity and discretion, which can attract people who might otherwise have been embarrassed to seek support.
  3. Lower cost, saves time and money for travel.
  4. Allows more continuous contact between the therapist and the client. 
  5. It favors privacy and disinhibition, enhancing the therapeutic relationship.
  6. It is more affordable. You will receive the sessions from the comfort of your home and also, you can organize the sessions taking into account the hours that best suit you and fit with those of the professional. 


Disadvantages of Online Therapy

While online therapy has a wide variety of potential benefits, it is not for everyone, and it is not without its challenges:

  1. Not possible for severe psychiatric psychopathologies or profound disorders.
  2. In many cases, it’s not possible to see the facial expressions, hear the voice, or see the body language of the client that can help the therapist arrive at an appropriate evaluation and treatment plan.
  3. Not possible for crisis situations. Since online therapists are far from the client, it is difficult to respond quickly and effectively when a moment of crisis occurs
  4. Possible technological obstacles (frozen videos, loss of internet, etc.)


How to find a therapist online

With online therapy you can take advantage of the benefits of a wider selection of therapists. This can be particularly beneficial if you are looking for a therapist with specific expertise (eg anxiety ) or with a particular language.

At Nuna, we put this online modality at the service of all people. Our therapies are confidential, safe and above all, very effective. To discover the right therapist, follow the next steps:

  1. Chat with us and tell us about your goals. We will recommend the best licensed expert for your needs.
  2. Start your therapy with Nuna’s safe video from the comfort of your home with Nuna’s licensed therapists
  3. Book your next sessions with the same expert. If you need a change of therapist, just explore our Nuna directory of licensed experts.


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