When the body speaks, what do we hear?

If you see a person walking with their shoulders slumped and their heads lowered and you ask “What are you thinking about?” and they reply “I’m thinking how happy I am with my life”, surely you wouldn’t believe it, right? Because you somehow know that their response is inconsistent with their body language. 

We generally grow up in a context where we learn from the language. We incorporate concepts, new information, but we seldom acquire knowledge in the corporal and emotional space.

How many times do we put aside body control and neglect it. On many occasions, we treat our body as something that we bring or something that follows us from one place to another, without bring conscious of how it works or what is happening to it. We might even tend to believe that, by not talking, we don’t communicate, and it is usually the opposite.

Non-verbal communication constitutes the emotions we feel and things we don’t express in words.

It is difficult for us to listen to our body and to understand what it is trying to tell us. We lose awareness of the real connection between our body and our emotional states. This behaviour has been demonstrated through various studies.


cuando el cuerpo habla los hombros se encorvan la cabeza se inclina hacia abajo 

If we learn the “constant negativity” our bodies begin to acquire a certain shape related to those emotion. For example, the shoulders get down, the head tilts down, and so on.

The real challenge in achieving new learning is through body transformation of some kind.

Have you ever stopped to think about how emotions negatively affect your body? Listening to our body is essential to understand how the situations we are living affect us, what we feel and how to position ourselves in front of them.

There are many therapists who work with the body and help to recognize emotions, understand them and find constructive, healthy ways to manifest them.

To meet and connect with one of our experts in the field, visit the Nuna directory.

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