Does therapy for couples really work?

The day-to-day routine, problems in communication, the passing of time and personal individual changes often have an impact on long term relationships. Sometimes, maintaining and improving that relationship can be done without the intervention of psychological therapy. However, there are cases in which, despite our best efforts, the couple by themselves cannot overcome the challenges.

There are those who think that couples therapy is for situations of serious conflict such as infidelity, or even the last resort. However, experts say that more than 70% of couples who go to therapy manage to resolve their differences, especially if they commit to therapy on a timely basis. 

More than 70% of couples who go to therapy manage to resolve their differences

Couples therapy is a type of psychotherapy that helps people involved in a romantic relationship to better understand each other and resolve conflicts, in order to improve their relationship and coexistence. This type of therapy is beneficial for all types of couples, and it is not necessary that any of the people in the relationship have been diagnosed with any mental illness. Therapy should be viewed as an effective tool to improve the relationship per se. 

Couples therapies are recommended when:

  • Communication repeatedly fails or when there is a perceived lack of respect or when the responsibility that each individual is not assumed.
  • There are is a lapse in attention, expressions of affection or intimacy in the relationship or  there is no longer “a space” for the moments of intimacy.
  • The sense of individuality has been lost and it is expected that the couple must share all the moments together.
  • The partners do not agree on any shared future plan, the use of the financial resources or how to best educate children, or the role of in-laws.
  • They go through a specific crisis driven by a specific event such as infidelity or fertility issues.
  • They face chronic health problems or frequent fights.
  • Or simply some external element that introduced a change in their lives and they struggle to cope with the new reality


 Timely help from a couples therapy specialist can help save and improve relationships. To meet and connect with one of our experts in the field, visit the Nuna directory.


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