What are the different types of therapy?

Have you ever wondered what are the different types of therapy? It’s sometimes difficult to find the most effective therapy for your specific needs. In fact, 40% of the time, people choose the one that is not the right fit for them personally.

If you are looking to take psychological therapy but don’t know which therapist and which approach would be right for you, continue reading this guide that covers the most common and available approaches on Nuna, our online psychological therapy platform.

 Types of therapy 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy

Cognitive behavioural therapy is one of the best known approaches, and it is commonly used in the treatment of depression and anxiety, among other cases. This type of therapy focuses on contrasting negative thoughts that the person presents in uncomfortable situations with facts and evidence, without deep diving into their relationships or their past. During sessions with a cognitive behavioural approach, the therapist will ensure that you describe your current situation and problems, and define specific objective(s) to be achieved, unlike therapeutic sessions with another approach where there is more free conversation. This type of therapy helps change the way you think (cognitive) and act (behavioural) to achieve greater well-being.

Humanistic Therapy

The therapies that follow the humanistic stream mainly focus on the fact that each individual is good by nature, is a free being who deserves respect, and must be accepted with their virtues and defects. It brings a positive vision and is based on the will and hope of the same person to face the various situations that arise. In this way, in sessions with a humanistic approach, the therapist focuses on the individual, instead of the symptoms, and seeks mainly to deepen the growth and self-knowledge of the person himself so that he learns to face the difficulties that arise .

Psychoanalytic Therapy

This approach is based on the fact that the person’s subconscious stores repressed impulses and instincts that impact their behaviour in the present. Therefore, in therapeutic sessions of this type, we seek to solve people’s problems taking into account their inner world. Contrary to what happens in other branches of psychology, psychoanalysis takes into account the past of people and how that past has influenced the current situation, in the ways of acting and thinking.

Systemic Therapy 

Systemic therapy helps the person solve practical problems based on the context, dynamics, interactions, rules and patterns within relationships, in order to turn them into more satisfying relationships. Sessions in this approach focus on helping the individual restore balance in a relationship (with themselves or with others), as if it was balanced within a system.

Integrative Therapy

Therapists using this approach have knowledge and experience in several approaches, rather than specializing in one specific one. In this way, in sessions with an integrative approach therapist, he adapts his method to each person. This type of approach is invaluable for those who want to explore a variety of situations or are unsure of what they want to gain through psychological therapy. It seeks to facilitate wholeness at all levels of a person’s well-being (mental, physical and emotional health) and to ensure that they work to their maximum potential.


Therapies with this approach are known as modern alternatives since they use the plastic arts as a vehicle for personal expression. Colouring, drawing, sculpting, or painting under the guidance of a therapeutic specialist are some of the activities carried out in sessions of this type. The role of the therapist in these cases is to empower the person to express their feelings and thoughts through symbols, colours, textures, and shapes. This approach has been shown to especially help people who have experienced emotional trauma, violence or abuse, among others.

At Nuna you can find licensed mental health providers and professionals with years of experience in each of these approaches, and many others such as Body Approach, Coaching, Neuropsychology, or Sports Psychology.

There are many therapeutic approaches available and finding the right one can take time and money. However, at Nuna we help you by offering you the first free or discounted online session with many specialists so you can find the right one.

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