Why Nuna? Finding the right therapist

Why choose Nuna? Why is it important to find the right therapist?

When we talk to various people about mental health and therapy, these are the common themes we hear, loud and clear:

“I need a lot of privacy, security and trust before I can open up”

“I wish this was more affordable”

“When I need someone, I need him/her at that moment. Not 4 days later “

“Actually, I don’t have time for therapy anymore. This will go away anyway.”

While Nuna solves these core issues of privacy, accessibility, flexibility, and continuity, we soon realized that these were simply the bare minimum we should offer to promote a mental health solution for our users.

So what is missing from the comments above? Simple: The problems of people who actually seek therapy, usually have more aspects. Let’s listen:

 “I’ve been in therapy for a year, but I don’t think this is helping.”

 “I like my therapist, but I just can’t connect with him.”

Finding a suitable therapist is like choosing new clothes. You just can’t pick the first one you see “

At Nuna, we try to solve this in 2 ways:

  1. Your first session is offered as discounted or free with many of our licensed experts
  2. We continually work to improve the therapists we recommend based on your specific needs, but we always believe that you are the one who knows best who feels good to you.

We hope you find your safe space in Nuna and we want you to feel better, always. To speak with our licensed mental health specialists for your first session, just go to our directory. Start your mental health journey with Nuna!


We're the Nuna team! To try Nuna and find a mental healthcare expert to speak to, visit holanuna.com

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