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I have a degree in Psychology (2010-Argentina) specialized in the psychoanalytic clinic. In 2010 I went to live in France and I have decided to open my horizons in psychology by doing a specialization in Art therapy at the "Université Catholique de Lille". Since then I have studied different approaches such as Existential Psychology, Positive Psychology, Brief Psychotherapy, Systemic Psychology, Coaching and I have worked for multinationals being in charge of the recruiting process and managing a team. In Therapy, I recognize each human being from the uniqueness, my experiences and knowledge allow me to adapt to the needs of my clients/students and open a safe space to work on a mental and physical level. Therapy is ideal for you if: - You feel stress, anxiety, anguish, sadness and / or depression - You suffer from anxiety and / or panic attacks - You feel exhausted and / or tired - You have fertility problems - Couple conflicts - You want to find meaning in your life - You suffer from eating disorders You want to generate a change in your personal and / or professional life You find yourself suffering / confronting uprooting after moving to a new culture / country and would like to overcome it You are in a grieving / loss process

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Accredited by COPC (Colegio Oficial de Psicología de Catalunya)

Associations AEYI (Asociación Española de Yoga Iyengar)


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If you are in a life threatening situation, you should not use us. Please contact the emergency helpline of your country