Maciej Ślęczka
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Mission My individual mission aims to help with discovery, expression and understanding of individual needs. I provide support and security during personal and collective transformations. I see the importance of balancing all the elements in order to harmonize everyday wellbeing. I work with both conscious and unconscious patterns - decoding emotions, thoughts and beliefs , body-signals and everything that brings discomfort. I am most successful in integration of traumatic experiences and bringing ease in states of depression or anxiety. Academic background With university background in Psychology, Social and Cognitive science I had opportunity to look at human from many perspectives. I was especially interested in depth and complexity of human interactions with external world, the influence of internal feelings and point of information integration, called consciousness. Process of academic exploration taught me how to think faster, work on the level of insight, even in crisis, but what is more important - how effectively translate the internal world into external reality and be practical with it. These lessons are not for me only, they are for the people I work with. Philosophy My philosophy is holistic. It’s rooted in interconnectedness of eastern practices and ancient ways of thinking. You can call it a smoothie made out of Yoga, Vedic teachings, Buddhist Meditations, with a pinch of Taoism and Tantra, served in the bowl of practical and result oriented mindset of the west. I’ve been exploring my consciousness through many meditation retreats, advanced yoga practices or ceremonial gatherings, but also through solo traveling and simplicity of being. I like observing nature and drinking tea as much as I like talking about essential laws of the universe. I’ve been following various spiritual masters - the teachers of love, trust and wisdom, who expanded my ability to stay in presence, and allowed me to deepen the connection with myself.

Therapy details and pricing

First session
220 PLN/66 minutes
Base price
220 PLN/66 minutes
2 sessions - 200 PLN/66 min
4 sessions - 180 PLN/66 min
6 sessions - 166 PLN/66 min
10 sessions - 155 PLN/66 min

Additional details

Accredited by Universytet im. Adama Mickiewiczka

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