Kamila Szumowska
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I am a psychologist and a practitioner of CBT Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, CFT Compassion Based Therapy, ACT Acceptance and Commitment Therapy and Mindfulness. It offers support to people undergoing various types of emotional crises that hinder everyday, harmonious functioning. Currently, I see patients in London, conducting online sessions for people from all over the world. I work with adults (individual sessions and for couples) and young people. In addition, I am passionate about engaging in social projects (webinars, articles) aimed at supporting mental health awareness. I am a huge fan and practitioner of Gabor Mate's theories. I obtained my master's degree in psychology in 2012 at the Stefan Cardinal Wyszyński University in Warsaw and I gained professional practice, among others at the Institute of Psychiatry and Neurology in Warsaw. For several years I have been cooperating with a few companies where my main responsibilities are: - develops an action plan and provides support for people with cognitive and physical impairment; I assess emotional needs, help to cope with anger / anxiety and difficult behaviours. - works with clients presenting a number of anxiety disorders, depressive states, PTSD, various types of phobias; obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD), addictions, etc. - providing emotional support to clients who have experienced hate crime, radicalization, domestic violence and those who have experienced modern slavery. Helping clients to increase their self-esteem, competence and strength to act. - conducting group risk case management, individual interviews, care notes audits and semi-annual assessments for other specialists - ran a Smoking Cessation Clinic, where patients got rid of their addictions using cognitive behavioural techniques. I am constantly educating myself, improving my qualifications, in order to provide the best possible support for my clients.

Therapy details and pricing

First session
100 GBP/50 minutes
Base price
100 GBP/50 minutes
10 sessions - 900 GBP/50 min
20 sessions - 1800 GBP/50 min

Additional details

Accredited by PTP Polish Psychological Association

Associations NCS National Counselling Society


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