Agnes Jaślikowska-Nowak
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In 2005, I completed psychology studies at the University of Social Sciences and Humanities in Warsaw, majoring in clinical social psychology. In 2017, I completed postgraduate studies: Psychodietetics. I have been constantly educating myself and expanding my competences by participating in various trainings and courses for years. I have been conducting psychological therapy with elements of psychotherapy for 18 years, for 10 years I have also been focusing on supporting the development of proper eating habits, I provide nutritional consultations and counseling, I help people cope with weight loss and I conduct therapy for eating disorders, i.e. anorexia, bulimia, binge eating (children, adolescents, adults). I am the author of my own workshops: "Can you call me non-eating child?" and "Eating habits of teenagers". I believe that eating problems are closely related to a person's self-esteem, their expectations towards themselves and the pressure they put on themselves. I am ready and open to support anyone who feels they need to make changes to their diet.

Therapy details and pricing

First session
0 PLN/30 minutes
Base price
250 PLN/50 minutes
2 sessions - 600 PLN/50 min
4 sessions - 850 PLN/50 min
6 sessions - 1100 PLN/50 min
8 sessions - 1600 PLN/50 min

Additional details

Accredited by SWPS Humanities and Social University

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StressFood/NutritionObesity relatedInsomniaEating DisordersObsessive-compulsive disorder (Children)
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