A short story on Nuna and why we do what we do

1 out of 5 adults in the world experience some form of mental health illness. That's nearly 1.1 billion people without counting the increasing instances of mental challenges in children.

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There are only 9 mental healthcare experts for every 100,000 people in the world

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Despite this...

40% of people drop out of therapy or other forms of mental healthcare assistance

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Our co-founders wanted to find out why and started talking to a number of people around the world

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Here's a summary

Tara: I just couldn't feel a connection with my therapist. My friend says it took her years to find the right one

Eric: I find therapy helpful but I wish it was more affordable!

Maria: My insurance helped me speak to a psychologist, but her schedules and availability simply didn't help when when I needed it the most

Louis: I loved my therapist back in my hometown but I've moved abroad now

Paula: There's a stigma around seeking mental health in my community. I dread waiting outside a psychologist's clinic
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And of course they spoke to the mental healthcare experts

Laura: I practice cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) but many of my clients expected a different process. I don't do psychoanalysis or mindfulness as my main focus has always been CBT.

Thomas: I use 8-10 different tools and it's a mess managing all the paperwork. I wish there was one tool to manage all my admin work like scheduling, consent forms & billing so I can spend more time attending my clients

Sara: My group therapy sessions were quite affordable but I simply can't fill in enough seats. The COVID situation isn't helping either!

And by May 2020, it was clear what we needed to build

"It's important to understand how each mental healthcare expert works and build all the tools needed to save their time and practice online effectively"

"Right on. That will help people discover and connect with the right expert in an easy and secure way!"

And thus, Nuna was born...

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Mental healthcare experts, including psychologists, therapists and counsellors use Nuna to save time and reach the right clients.

That allows Nuna to help you find the right expert whether it's mindfulness, cognitive behavorial therapy or art therapy. Nuna also saves you costs by offering packs of sessions.

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If you are in a life threatening situation, you should not use us. Please contact the emergency helpline of your country